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Resisting Drone Terror: Behind the Scenes of Shut Down Creech!

July 22, 2021 @ 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

4:30 PM (PDT): Pre-webinar movie clips!Hop on early to see some of the best footage from 12 years of resistance! 
Check out the many diverse ways “We the People” have resisted the cruelty, terror and racism of the U.S. drone assassination program.  Been to Shut Down Creech already? Maybe you’ll see yourself and friends in old videos. 
5:00 PM (PDT):  Webinar Begins.
Find out more, get zoom link and please let us know you’re coming:  HERE.
-What is it and WHY WE DO IT?
-Testimonials from regular “Creechers” who keep coming back.  Hear in their own words why they come to Creech!
-Panel with: Ann Wright, Garett Reppenhagen, Toby Blomé, Eleanor Levine and Maggie Huntington
Never been to Creech AFB, the “Belly of the Beast” of the U.S. drone assassination program?  Creech AFB, where the U.S.A.F. does the killing for the CIA, using remotely controlled Reaper drones to kill and injure people in foreign lands. Curious about our ongoing campaign to Shut Creech Down?
Please join our webinar!
Hope we see you there!  ♥️
Eleanor, Maggie, Toby, Garett & Ann
The Shut Down Creech Team
Unable to come to Creech, but want to be involved?
IMPORTANT:  PLEASE support Daniel Hale, a courageous drone whistleblower.  He faces up to 10 years of prison at his sentencing hearing next Thursday, July 27, for exposing the horrible truths about the U.S. Drone Assassination Program.  Find out more about Daniel in our webinar!  Time is running out. Support him NOW here:   StandWithDanielHale.org
Thinking about coming to Shut Down Creech this Fall? Attend the webinar to learn more.
Shut Down Creech, FALL ACTION,  
September 26 – October 2, 2021
Co-Sponsored by CODEPINK and Veterans for Peace.
Please fill out this short Pre-Registration Form for Fall Action:   HERE!
(Please pre-register even if your plans are tentative).
Stand up against the racist terror of the covert U.S. Drone Program that kills people remotely while they are driving their cars, sleeping in their beds, attending weddings and funerals, praying in mosques, attending school, just living their lives…the U.S. has even used drones to kill high level foreign officials of countries we are not at war with!
This fall will mark the 12th year CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace + allies have gathered at Creech Air Force Base for weeklong, nonviolent actions to resist the U.S. drone assassination program! People from all over the country attend Shut Down Creech twice per year to demonstrate against U.S. state-sponsored global terrorism.

Join us on July 22nd @5-6:30 PM PDT for a Webinar on what it means to be a Creecher. We’ll hear from many activists about their experiences, as well as screen a short film on Shut Down Creech. Hop on early @4:30PM PDT to see some footage of the best from 12 years of resistance!

Hear from the faces of Shut Down Creech:

  • Dave Patterson, Veterans For Peace
  • Michael Kerr, Veterans For Peace
  • Ray Cage, Veterans For Peace
  • Shirley Tung, CODEPINK
  • Susan Witka, CODEPINK
  • Vera Anderson, NDE & CODEPINK

Featured Speakers:

  • Ann Wright, Veterans for Peace and CODEPINK – The Role of Creech AFB in the U.S. Drone Assassination Program.
  • Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director Veterans for Peace –  A Call for Veterans to Join the Mobilization.
  • Toby Blome, CODEPINK – Why Creech? A call for national mobilization!
  • Eleanor Levine, CODEPINK – What Does a Week at Shut Down Creech Look Like?
  • Maggie Huntington, CODEPINK – Who Is Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale?

There will be a Q&A following the program!

Find out what has been happening in our name at Creech Air Force base since 2005, and learn whether you might be ready to join us at Shut Down Creech this fall! More logistical info will be provided with RSVP and at the Webinar!

Join the Webinar Here!


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Toby Blome · toby4peace@sonic.net

Can we count you in?

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