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Codepink SF Bay Chapter Zoom Meeting

War Is Not Green - CODEPINK - Women for Peace
Greetings CodePinks and friends!  We have a busy couple of weeks ahead. With hopes that all are well, we invite you to be in energetic pink action for a just and peaceful world. Join us for some of these great activities listed below.
Dec. 10, noon     War Industry Direct Action, Palo Alto. There are at least two war profiteers in Palo Alto making a killing on killing. We’re organizing an awesome action. Interested? Let me know at codepinkgg@gmail.com
Draft Agenda. Please reply with additional agenda items. Thank you.
  • Welcome and Check-ins (10-15 mins)
  • Choose Facilitator and Note Taker (1 min)
  • Treasurer’s Report. Elana Levy (2 mins)
  • New XR Chapter forming. Women-led XR for actions to address climate emergency, peace economy, anti-militarism, anti-patriarchy, anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-nuke, anti-fossil; Cynthia  (3 mins)
  • COP 26 Report Back. CodePink was in Glasgow for COP 26 (UN Conference of Parties for the Paris Climate Agreement). We’ve invited Nancy Mancias, who just returned from Glasgow, to report on the trip. Nancy is very busy, getting back to work on her PhD; hopefully she can join us for a few minutes. Nancy Mancias (6 mins)
  • National Strike for Women’s Choice on Dec. 1.  Vara Ramakrishnan, Vigil for Democracy (10 mins)  CodePink is joining the Strike with actions from home and in-person at 1) AT&T and Whole Foods, Berkeley & Oakland, 2) AT&T Flagship store 1 Powell St., SF  3) join rally @ Fed. Bldg, 450 Golden Gate, SF.  Strike with us for freedom!
  • People’s Assembly at Pelosi’s, Dec. 3.   5:30pm Dinner; 6pm People’s Assembly, Extinction Dance Party, Letter Delivery to Pelosi; optional overnight camping.  Cynthia (5 mins)   This is an important and lovely action and we’re growing it! Would you like to help organize the event? Volunteer opportunities/tasks: outreach out to groups to endorse and promote; coordinate dinner; media outreach; decoration team to hang banners, solar lights, pink up the place, chalking; take photos/video/livestream; dance party coordinator/dj.  We’ve been doing People’s Assemblies for 2 months now, so we can share tips on what works. Creativity and fun encouraged!
  • Elf Costume & Peace wreath workshop and potluck, Sunday, Dec. 5, 1-3pm, Ohlone Park, Hearst @ Mcgee, Berkeley; Hank Pellissier & Cynthia (5 mins)
  • Dec. 10, War Profiteer Action, Palo Alto.  (5 mins)
  • Your Announcements
CodePink Calendar
All actions listed on this calendar will be discussed at Nov. 18 CodePink meeting.
Dec. 1, all day    Women’s Strike for Choice.  Local action: https://facebook.com/events/s/advocate-for-choice-at-att-sf-/308486860864293/  National information:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/strike-for-choice-tickets-202560272227  
Dec. 3, 5:30pm   People’s Assembly, Nancy Pelosi’s house, 2640 Broadway, SF.  5:30 pm Dinner, 6pm People’s Assembly, Extinction Dance Party, Letter Delivery to Pelosi.
People’s Assemblies are an Extinction Rebellion Demand because the people can’t leave it up to a failed Congress to solve our climate crisis and care for the people. We gather at Pelosi’s to voice our concerns to the Representative for San Francisco because she’s not available for meetings, phone calls, or any communication. Do you want her to cut the Pentagon budget? Declare a climate emergency? Pass Medicare for All? Stop funding the Saudi-led war on Yemen? Lift economic sanctions on Cuba? End drone warfare? Free Julian Assange? Stop threatening war with China? Create affordable housing? What’s on YOUR mind? Help create a People’s Assembly letter to her that we’ll share with her, the SF Chronicle, 48 Hills, and elsewhere.  Muni #24 Divisadero to Jackson, walk 2 blks to Broadway. Street parking. Carpools and childcare by RSVP: 510-365-1500
Dec. 5, 1-3pm    Elf Costume & Peace wreath workshop and potluck. Fun, creative, crafty, outdoors workshop with CodePink and Extinction Rebellion, in Ohlone Park, Hearst @ McGee, Berkeley, 2 blocks from N, Berkeley BART, with potluck lunch, pie.  Make an Elf Costume to wear at Extinction Rebellion actions! Simple design (see photo attached). RSVP by phone or text to Hank (415-309-3505) or Cynthia (510-365-1500) so we can have enough fabric and wreath supplies for everyone.
 Dec. 10, noon     War Industry Direct Action, Palo Alto. There are at least two war profiteers in Palo Alto making a killing on killing. We’re organizing an awesome action. Interested? Let me know at codepinkgg@gmail.com

CodePink is a women's grassroots-initiated, worldwide organization of women and men working for peace, social justice and a green economy. CodePink SF serves the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.










From our National Site

The national CodePink organization organizes for justice for Iraqis and to hold war criminals accountable. CodePink actively opposes the U.S. war in Afghanistan, torture, the detention center at Guantanamo, weaponized and spy drones, the prosecution of whistleblowers, U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and repressive regimes.

Rooted in a network of local organizers, CodePink's tactics include satire, street theatre, creative visuals, civil resistance, and directly challenging powerful decision-makers in government and corporations. And, of course, wearing pink!