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No War with Russia


Codepink San Jose Says Contact your reps and tell them not to support the War with Russia legislation.  ACT NOW!

Wow! In less than a week’s time CODEPINK and our movement partners organized and carried out No War with Russia rallies in 77 cities across the U.S., and more protests are continuing to take place.

In San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angles, Chicago, Minnesota, and New York City, people raised the alarm of how dangerous the Biden administration’s incitements are. From a few people coming out in small towns to over 100 people showing up in Los Angeles, we are making our voices heard. Here are some of the pictures from the actions that took place:

You can see all the news coverage here and all the pictures from the rallies here.

The weekend was a big success but the danger of a war breaking out remains imminent and terrifying. Here are some more things that you can do. 

➡️ Contact your senators and representative and tell them not to support the Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act that would authorize $500 million in “security assistance” (aka weapons) to Ukraine.

➡️ A great follow-up from a local action is an op-ed for a local paper. Here are some talking points that you can use for writing.

➡️ This Thursday at 10:30 AM PST/1:30 PM EST, Medea Benjamin will be speaking with Jeremy Corbyn and others on the UK’s Stop the War Coalition webinar: No War in Ukraine, Stop NATO expansion. RSVP here.

➡️ If you are already planning or would like to organize further actions, we would be happy to help you plan and promote your event. Email info@codepink.org

We remember the devastation of the Iraq war and we remember the media’s complicity leading up to it. We know that we cannot let up as the drums are beating and the troops are moving for a new war. We will keep you updated and we look forward to continuing to see you in the streets as we call out for peace.

Towards peace,
Jodie and the entire CODEPINK team: Alice, Allison, Ann, Ariel, Carley, Danaka, Emily, Farida, Justina, Kelly, Lauren, Leonardo, Madison, Marcy, Marissa, Mark, Medea, Michelle, Nancy, Olivia, Paki, Teri, Shea, and Suzie

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