SF Bay Area


October 5, 2017 – October 12, 2017 all-day
Creech Air Force Base
Indian Springs
Toby Blomé

Everyone is invited to join CODEPINK in it’s campaign of Non-violent Actions to Ground Killer Drones, End US Militarism and Endless War.  Although illegal U.S. drone strikes are mostly absent from mainstream news reporting, they continue to terrorize communities around the globe.  Indeed, they are a critical tool for U.S. global domination, both for global surveillance and targeted assassination.   Under the Trump administration U.S air strikes have drastically expanded in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere, causing untold civilian suffering and death. Many or possibly most of these air strikes are likely remotely controlled missile strikes from U.S. drones.  Join us in breaking the silence, and be a strong voice of resistance!  

CODEPINK demonstrates at Creech AFB because we want our government to stop the killing and start the rebuilding of hospitals. schools, towns and people’s lives. We hope you can join us and help spread the word that drones strikes brings endless war, it does not make us safer nor will it bring peace! 

Stay at the beautiful Goddess Temple guest house (3 miles from the drone base), work with like-minded activists standing up against US militarism, and share special excursions in the beautiful Nevada desert with others, as we rejuvenate with nature between daily am and pm  vigils and actions at Creech.  For more information on housing, meals, transportation contact us:  

Toby Blomé, CODEPINK,  ratherbenyckeling@comcast.net 510-541-6874

Eleanor Levine, CODEPINKEastBayCodepink@gmail.com
Limited beds are available at the Goddess Temple guest house. http://www.sekhmettemple.com/
Tenting is also available.  To reserve a bed contact:
Maggie Huntington, maggiehuntington32@yahoo.com>

For highlights of our past work at Creech AFB, collaborating with Nevada Desert Experience, Veterans for Peace and Voices for Creative Nonviolence go to: ShutDownCreech.blogspot.  


 Hope to See You There!
Toby, Eleanor and Maggie

CodePink is a women's grassroots-initiated, worldwide organization of women and men working for peace, social justice and a green economy. CodePink SF serves the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


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4th Annual Shut Down Creech 2018...
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From our National Site

The national CodePink organization organizes for justice for Iraqis and to hold war criminals accountable. CodePink actively opposes the U.S. war in Afghanistan, torture, the detention center at Guantanamo, weaponized and spy drones, the prosecution of whistleblowers, U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and repressive regimes.

Rooted in a network of local organizers, CodePink's tactics include satire, street theatre, creative visuals, civil resistance, and directly challenging powerful decision-makers in government and corporations. And, of course, wearing pink!