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Capitol Calling Party: Afghanistan: What Next?

September 7, 2021 @ 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


On Tuesday, September 7, join CODEPINK Congress for a conversation about the dire economic crisis facing Afghanistan. Our guests will talk about the need to push back on U.S. sanctions and the withholding of international funding, which only harms the Afghan people; the need to end U.S. drone assassinations, how to deal with the Taliban, and how to support Afghan women.

Sonali Kolhatkar is a journalist, activist, and artist. She is the author of Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence (2006, Seven Stories). Sonali is also the founding Co-Director of the Afghan Women’s Mission, a US-based non-profit solidarity organization that funds the work of RAWA, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

Phyllis Bennis is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies (DC) and the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam). She also serves on the national board of Jewish Voice for Peace and the board of the Afro-Middle East Center in Johannesburg. Her books include Ending the US War in Afghanistan: A Primer, and Before & After: US Foreign Policy and the War on Terrorism.

Following our guest presentations and Q & A, we invite you to participate in our Capitol Calling Party to urge the removal of barriers for Afghans seeking refuge in the United States.


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