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CODEPINK Gathering January 10, 2015; 1-3 pm

Meeting at Berkeley Library, South Branch on January 10, 2015

Attendees: Eleanor Levine (facilitator), Jane Miller (timekeeper), Janet Weil (notetaker), Jackie Barshak (SF), Toby Blome, Diana DeFrenza and Laura Zweig (CP South Bay), Cynthia Papermaster, Holly Harwood, Barbara Selfridge, GG Winter, Andrew Klein, Carol Pinson, Paul and Michael Karsh, Tim Reese (CP Golden Gate webmanager), Cecile Pineda, Dolores Hellman, Jane Miller

The following actions, events and meetings were discussed and agreed to:

January 14: Janet will rep CP East Bay/Golden Gate/SF to the New Priorities Campaign meeting, in prep for the Global Day of Action against Military Spending on April 15 (Tax Day). Several people indicated their willingness to flyer early in the morning (7:30- 8:30 approx.) on April 15, using the flyer that will be produced by the New Priorities group. We can also hand out our own flyer and/or stickers. CPers in SF have also committed to flyer at Montgomery BART station as part of their regular Weds vigil at 5:30 – 6:30pm.

January 15: 7 – 8:30 pm, Zocalo Coffeehouse, 645 Bancroft Avenue,San Leandro: Planning meeting to oppose militarization of police and other services in San Leandro (more on this below) under Susan Harman’s report.
January 17 – 19, MLK Day weekend: Susan, Cecile and Eleanor attended a huge public event about Black Lives Matter and opposition to police killings/brutality at the Omni in Oakland, and then were invited to and attended a follow up meeting in a private home. This movement is on fire! A lot is being planned for MLK Day weekend, including Sunday, Jan 18, 11 AM, rally at Fruitvale BART station where Oscar Grant was murdered by BART police 6 years ago, followed by march through the community. Eleanor wants to organize a CODEPINK presence at this event; please contact her at dreleanorlevine@yahoo.com.
January 22: Protest Karl Rove (aka “Bush’s Brain) and former UnderSecretary of State Ellen Tauscher at the Concord Hilton at 1970 Diamond Blvd,, 5 – 6 pm. Flyering, bannering and talking to local folks about these 2 war advocates. For more info, see this announcement and/or contact Janet at 925-212-7477 or janet.weil13@gmail.com. Barbara, GG, Paul, Tim, Jane, Eleanor and Susan indicated their interest in participating; Toby may be able to loan us a banner.

January 23 -25: Shut Down Diablo Nuke Plant Gathering! Cynthia gave an very interesting report on the history of opposition to this nuke plant, which sits on 13 active seismic faults and is over 30 years old. Hundreds of people will be gathering in the San Luis Obispo area for this gathering. The emphasis will also be on pro-solar, pro-sustainable energy. For more info or to arrange transport: contact Cynthia Papermaster of Golden Gate Codepink codepinkcp@gmail.com; 510-365-1500. Also see https://codepinkgoldengate.org/


February 14: Once again, CODEPINK will join with One Billion Rising to dance and march on the Golden Gate Bridge. This replaces our regular Second Sunday Walk for Peace on the GGB. This is a huge and joyous celebration of women claiming their/our power against violence. For more info: contact Toby at

February 28 – March 8: Shut Down Creech! This is a national call to action which will draw hundreds of protesters of weaponized drones to the airbase north of Las Vegas. Toby presented about this exciting week of action, which will also include actions by Boycott RE/MAX at the global realtor’s gathering at The Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, March 3-5. Some free lodging spaces still available at the beautiful Goddess Temple Guest House, 2 miles from Creech AFB; priority given to those staying for 5 or more days. There will also be an encampment on the BLM land directly across from Creech AFB, and possibly a chartered bus from the Bay Area. Fundraising idea: online and in-person fundraising in honor/memory of a person killed by a US drone strike. For more info, or to donate or join the group going to Creech, contact Toby at ratherbenyckeling@comcast.net.

ONGOING: Susan Harman reported on the Bay Area UASI meeting she attended, with 3 other activists from Oakland, and on Urban Shield. The weapons expo and conference will be held in Pleasanton in Sept of this year, as it was kicked out of the Marriott Conference Center due to Susan’s and others’ activism. There are 39 UASIs (pronounced ‘Wazzy’) around the US, lavishly financed by the Dept of Homeland Security with our tax $. The Bay Area needs NON-militarized emergency preparedness and drills, but these exercises have to be connected to “terrorism” to receive DHS funding. Susan advocated for shutting down the DHS, a longer-term goal. Susan is committed to continuing to bring citizens’ voices to the monthly meetings of Bay Area UASI, held in the Alameda County Sheriff’s office in Dublin the second Thursday of every month. (Tim commented that he had recently seen 2 huge armored police vehicles in Antioch.) Susan has also been involved in the struggle to block the City of San Leandro from getting an armored ambulance, and will be attending a City Council meeting about that (non-SL citizens are welcome!). For more info, contact Susan at susanharman1@gmail.com.

Susan also strongly urged that we check out the events happening at new activist center Omni Oakland.

Also check out Occupy Oakland’s website for details about ongoing organizing and actions in the Black Lives Matter movement.
FEEDBACK on this meeting:
— Eleanor did a great job of facilitating.
— Provide specific time at next meeting for new/quiet people to talk.
— Provide agenda ahead of time (Eleanor explained their were technical difficulties with riseup this time).
— When you receive the agenda, email Eleanor with additional items if you want them discussed (don’t wait til the meeting).
— Post agenda with times for each item at the meeting (Large sheet of paper or whiteboard); possibly have people vote on prioritizing agenda items.
February 21, South Berkeley Library, Cynthia will try for morning as requested by Susan.Thanks to all who attended! See you in the streets!

Janet Weil
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“We make history, or history makes us.” – Marge Piercy
South Berkeley Library, MLK Jr. Way @ Russell St. (2 blocks N. of Ashby BART)
Overview: Welcome to CodePink newcomers, Program and discussion, brief reports, upcoming actions, refreshments.
Suggested Agenda
 Please send your agenda items and agenda changes to Eleanor dreleanorlevine@yahoo.com
  • 1 to 1:20 PM (20 minutes) Newcomers Welcome and Orientation.
  • 1:20 to 2 PM (40 minutes) Short Program: “From Ferguson to Guantanamo: State Violence/Terrorism and Our Response”.  Special Guest: Cat Brooks, who has been a spokeswoman for the growing movement against police brutality and killings of black men and women. We’ve also extended invitations to the mothers of Alan Blueford and Oscar Grant but do not have confirmations yet.
  • 2-2:40 pm (40 minutes), CodePink reports, upcoming actions, ideas and planning, feedback on gathering, announcements
  • 2:45 pm, Light Refreshments, social time
For newcomers consult the CodePink Website at:  http://www.codepink.org  for information about CodePink and its programs. You will be delighted with all we do and those with which we are allied.
(from Susan, Cecile, Cynthia and Eleanor)





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